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Propave grout

Porcelain Grout

ProPave Porcelain Grout UltraTile ProPave Grout is a high specification, decorative, brush-in external porcelain tile grout / jointing solution which is suitable for use with granite, porcelain and other premium quality natural stone! This product is available in 3 bespoke colours – Black (may also be referred to as – cosmic black) Grey (may also […]

Bulk Bags of Rockincolour

Bulk Bags of Rockincolour Now Available Due to popular demand we have now made RockinColour available in bulk bags which weigh approx. 700kg! RockinColour Stones are a colour coated stone, ideal for decorative features, plant pot topping and as a colourful background when laid among plants. Create your own bespoke system of colour with RockinColour […]

How To Lay Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving Our premium porcelain outdoor tiles offer a stylish alternative to stone or concrete flagstones and our wood effect ranges create the look of high-end timber decking but with many added benefits such as good slip resistance. Hard wearing and practical, these tiles have a 10 year guarantee, are simple to install and require […]

Our New Tools Section

Tools We were starting to notice that more and more customers were looking for gardening tools, cutting blades, brushes and much more so we decided to add a new “Tools” section to our website! What do we have available in our new tools section? We have everything from small handheld gardening tools to cutting blades […]

Heavy Duty Weed Control

Heavy Duty Weed Control Our Heavy Duty Weed Control fabric is woven underlay for gravel or bark covered drives or paths in the garden. This product is designed to allow water to penetrate the soil whilst suppressing the growth of weeds. It is the perfect landscape fabric for chipping, stones and gravel. Product Information Heavy […]

Indian Sandstone Paving

Indian Sandstone Paving When thinking of India, one thinks of beauty and colour. The majestic Taj Mahal, the vivid colours of Holi Festival, and the rich, bright colours of the nation’s traditional dress. This vibrancy and richness of colour is no longer limited to the people of India though, and the Cobble Shop can now […]

EASY Tile Align

EASY Tile Align The quick and easy solution for ensuring a perfectly level patio. EASY TileAlign is quick and convenient. It is suitable for traditional tile installation methods, or for use with Azpects revolutionary EASYClickBase system. Easy Tile Align ensures that a smooth, even surface is achieved on calibrated, ceramic, or porcelain tiles. How To […]

tubs of easyjoint


EASYJoint EASYJoint is the UK’s top selling paving jointing compound, favoured by professionals and DIY installers all around the world. This product was first developed in 2009 and has now evolved to meet user demands and keep up with the latest trends in the industry. The EASYJoint family now has 8 products within the range. This […]

RockinColour Stones

RockinColour Stones RockinColour Stones are a colour coated stone, ideal for decorative features, plant pot topping and as a colourful background when laid among plants. Create your own bespoke system of colour with RockinColour. A fantastic selection of coloured stones. Add some serious colour to your garden/landscape project. Ideal for alpines and rock gardens, plant […]

artificial grass

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Fed up of cutting the grass? Do you have a dog that digs the garden up? Do you just want a low maintenance garden? Artificial grass is the solution! Artificial lawn stays fresh and full looking all year round. With no need to cut it, no need for pesticides or fertilisers, it is […]

Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving Our premium outdoor Porcelain Paving tiles offer a stylish alternative to stone or concrete flagstones with many added benefits such as good slip resistance. Hard wearing and practical, these tiles have a 10 year guarantee, are simple to install and require no sealing – the perfect way to create a drabble and low […]


Algon Path, Patio & Deck Cleaner

Algon Organic Struggling to find a cleaner that is easy to use, doesn’t need to be scrubbed in or rinsed off? Algon Organic is the solution! Algon helps to restore the natural colour of virtually any outdoor surface the organic way. No scrubbing or rinsing required. Simply apply and walk away. Algon is available to […]

RoundUp Weed Killers

RoundUp Weed Killers Do you have some unsightly weeds that you’d like to get rid of easily? Here at The Cobble Shop we have just the solution! We have a large selection of RoundUp Weed Killers to choose from ranging from handy 100ml click-dispenser applicators to a 5 litre pressure sprayer to stop those weeds […]

Our New Bagging Plant

Self-improvement is never an easy thing. It takes dedication and a willingness to become a better version of yourself. The same is true of a growing business, even Ayrshire’s favourite supplier of garden aggregates and building materials is always trying to improve things. Recently, The Cobble Shop has taken a huge step in terms of […]

April Offers

It’s April, and it feels like it should be a touch more ‘Spring-like’, doesn’t it? We’re all still cooped up like freezing cold chickens in the office, praying for the sun to finally break through and give us some warmth. At least there’s no more snow though, always look on the bright side! The latest […]

Time to Talk About Your Summer Garden Furniture

Spring has officially sprung! Finally, we can cast off the cold cobwebs of winter, disregard the layers upon layers of clothing and look forward to some sunshine! Well maybe not sunshine, this is Scotland after all; we can look forward to warmer weather though. It’s also time to start planning how we are going to […]

Clamshell Lorries

The more the merrier, as the old saying goes. Some like to push back against this claim – too many cooks spoil the broth – they’ll argue. But in our line of work, more means better. More staff means more ideas. More products equal more choice of garden aggregates. More space gives way to greater […]

March 2018 Special Offers

With the seemingly relentless ‘Beast from the East’ finally leaving us alone, it’s time to get back to normality here in Scotland. The abundance of falling snow has covered up all of our hard work here at The Cobble Shop. And while a little of the white stuff can make everything quite pretty, we don’t […]

What’s the Story with Tobermore?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Sorry, I had to do that. The only thing Tobermore has in common with the popular Scottish kids’ TV show is its vibrant range of colours, but more on that later. Tobermore Paving is one of our most exciting new products. Capable of creating stunning sections of walling, paving, edging […]

Win £150 Voucher to spend at The Cobble Shop

How would you like to be in with a chance of winning £150 to spend in The Cobble Shop? That’s a whole £150 that could be spent on giving your garden the makeover it deserves, using any one of the many incredible ranges of products we have on offer in our Stewarton showroom or online! […]

New Solar Range at The Cobble Shop

Climate change is a very real issue. Haven’t you been listening to Leonardo Di Caprio? Well, remember last year when he briefly stopped by Scotland for a conference? He also popped down to Ayrshire and swung by the Cobble Shop to tell us the importance of renewable energy and most importantly: solar lighting! Adding some […]

Free Delivery in Paisley

Earlier this month it was announced that Paisley would be putting forth a bid for the prestigious title of City of Culture for 2021. Are you in Paisley? Can you look into the garden and honestly say your old garden furniture or weathered garden ornaments are worthy of being part of the City of Culture? […]

Free Delivery in East Kilbride

Just like last year, this year is going to be a BIG year for The Cobble Shop. It may only be early in 2017 but we’re thinking of the future and how we can better ourselves and deliver our services and products further afield. One of our most recent developments at The Cobble Shop was […]

Porcelain Paving Gaining Popularity in Scotland

Keeping up with trends is tough. Whether it be with fashion, music, the arts, or even design and decor. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you which colour T-shirt you should be wearing this season – although this being Ayrshire we’d recommend something warm! – but we do know a thing or two about the latest goings […]

Reclaimed Granite Cobbles at The Cobble Shop`

We currently have a large of stock of these fantastic reclaimed granite cobbles. The average size is approx. 150x150x300mm and average weight 16-18kg. These are fantastic and can be used as paving, edging, walling and much more, thy are very versatile and virtually indestructible. These can be sold by the bulk bag or in loose […]