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What’s the Story with Tobermore?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Sorry, I had to do that. The only thing Tobermore has in common with the popular Scottish kids’ TV show is its vibrant range of colours, but more on that later. Tobermore Paving is one of our most exciting new products. Capable of creating stunning sections of walling, paving, edging and steps in your garden. Here’s why you should consider Tobermore products before you begin your next garden project!

The Concrete Paving Experts

Tobermore was established in 1942 and have more than 75 years of experience within a family owned business. All of this knowledge and experience has transformed them into the very best in the industry, remaining true to their core principle of sustainability and producing high quality building supplies. Each and every one of their products is manufactured in the United Kingdom, using materials sourced largely from their own quarry.

Eco Friendly Paving

It’s very important to remain environmentally aware nowadays. This is something we at The Cobble Shop place great importance on when it comes to the products we choose to sell, the machinery we choose to operate and the delivery trucks we choose to drive.

Tobermore find this type of thing important too, offering a range of eco-products which make use of a lot of recycled content. Despite the environmental benefits, Tobermore’s Eco Paving & Walling loses none of the aesthetic benefits or physical performance of their non-eco ranges.  Style is not compromised with this environmentally-friendly range.

Tobermore has even developed an active concrete paving system for commercial projects that improves air quality. The AirClean system works by using natural daylight and nano technology to oxidise Nitrogen Dioxide in the atmosphere and transforming it into harmless nitrates. The revolutionary technology reduces the levels of air pollution in urban environments.

When opting for Tobermore, you’re certainly doing your bit for mother nature!

Huge Selection of Paving and Walling Options

When it comes to selection and choice, Tobermore stands out from the pack. The perfect solution for everyone, including DIY enthusiasts, who can choose from a myriad of options for garden projects.

Tobermore’s products selection includes: Block paving, permeable paving, kerbs edging & channels, retaining walls and steps. Each of these products comes in an immense variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colours, giving you complete freedom over the look and feel of your garden.

Whether you’re interested in new paving slabs for a garden or driveway, some neat new garding edging or some stylish new steps, Tobermore has the product for you.

Head to The Cobble Shop’s website to browse the Tobermore range, and for some garden inspiration. If you’d like to learn more about the range, give us a call on 01560 485413 or head to our website and take advantage of our brand new live chat feature.