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Time to Talk About Your Summer Garden Furniture

Spring has officially sprung! Finally, we can cast off the cold cobwebs of winter, disregard the layers upon layers of clothing and look forward to some sunshine! Well maybe not sunshine, this is Scotland after all; we can look forward to warmer weather though. It’s also time to start planning how we are going to rejuvenate our garden this summer!

We’re delighted to have the charming and innovative Zest range of products available to purchase at The Cobble Shop. This range is the perfect summer solution for your garden, and features everything from benches to gazebos to arbours.


The Zest range features all manner of stylish benches and garden dining furniture to ensure none of your guests will be fighting for somewhere to sit down. Nor will anyone have to stand around while holding their drink, burger and little plastic plate during your next BBQ!

These wooden picnic benches are the perfect place to sit down and eat during the warmer months and excellent when hosting guests. The Rose Round Picnic Table is one of our best items and can comfortably seat 8 guests.


Sometimes in the summer all you want to do is relax and enjoy the weather. As we’re living in Scotland, it’s crucial to make the most of each and every second of decent weather we’re afforded. For these occasions, the ones where you want to lay in the sun without being disturbed, we have some excellent ranges of arbours, pergolas and swinging chairs.

With its simple and elegant design, the Hollywood Swing is the perfect place to relax and will help you get the most out of your garden this summer.

For those who feel woozy at the thought of swinging back and forth all day, we’d recommend our gazebos and arbours. The Brighton Arbour brings bags of charm to the garden and is a fantastic place to host friends and even have a bite to eat in, using its fixed corner table.

Environmentally Friendly

This dynamic range comes from a multi award-winning supplier and is created using the highest quality materials while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly. At the Cobble Shop, we strive to keep our eco-footprint as low as possible and love working with suppliers with the same vision as us. The Zest range is created using a 0% timber waste policy and all water used in the manufacturing process is recycled rain water.

At the Cobble Shop, we have all the tools and expertise to ensure your garden is the place to be this summer. By September, you’ll definitely be known as ‘the hostess with the mostest’ if you come to The Cobble Shop for all your summer garden planning!