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Our New Bagging Plant

Self-improvement is never an easy thing. It takes dedication and a willingness to become a better version of yourself. The same is true of a growing business, even Ayrshire’s favourite supplier of garden aggregates and building materials is always trying to improve things. Recently, The Cobble Shop has taken a huge step in terms of productivity and efficacy. Ayrshire, meet our brand new toy!

This state-of-the-art high-speed robotic bagging machine is the latest member of the Cobble Shop family and will allow us to greatly increase our productivity and output. The bagging plant automatically weighs and doses product that is sent along a conveyer belt before being tightly sealed in a polyethylene bag and stacked on pallets by a high-tech robot arm.

The precision and “intelligence” of the robot arm is such that it can be programmed to stack pallets in a certain order, and automatically adjusts to ensure perfect balance is always maintained. The is able to load up two pallets at the one time, with each pallet being perfectly stacked and ready for removal by Cobble Shop employees.

The speed of throughput on the machine allows us to output up to 10 bags of material per minute (depending on the material in use). A far greater number than would be possible with man-power alone. The system is housed in a specially built construction on the premises of The Cobble Shop and will be used to bag chips, pebbles, cobbles and gravels.

The new machinery will open up all new job opportunities for people in the local community as the business expands and grows. More product means more people to deliver it, more clients to network with, more progress all round!

Moving into the wholesale market has long been one of our aspirations at The Cobble Shop and the new bagging plant will allow us to do this. The already excellent service we provide to our current consumer base will also improve, as we are able to work a lot more efficiently and bag more products in a faster time.

These are exciting times for The Cobble Shop. Adding this new equipment to our arsenal represents a massive leap forward for the company. None of which would be possible without your continued support and custom, of which we are truly appreciative!