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Summer is here at The Cobble Shop

Summer is finally here!! The sun is shining so it’s the perfect time to get your garden in shape and ready for those summer barbecue nights. We have some new additions that would be the perfect main attraction in your garden and brighten it up for these long summer nights. The first new addition we […]

logs and kindling

Logs and Kindling

As the colder weather starts to come in, you might be thinking it could be time to put the fire on or maybe you need some logs and kindling to fire up your patio heater! Here at The Cobble Shop, we have nets of Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs and bags of Kiln Dried Kindling to […]

White De-Icing Salt

Here at The Cobble Shop we have lots of our handy sized bags of White De-Icing Salt available to help you melt the ice and snow, no doubt getting you out of some sticky situations! Why use our White De-Icing Salt? Salt causes a phenomenon called “freezing point depression”, which means salt lowers the freezing […]

Bark Chips

Our Bark Chips are suitable for a number of decorative and functional uses around the garden! Using Bark Chips can be a great way to cover large areas of bare ground and make your garden more stylish. What can you use our Bark Chips for? Bark is great for so many different things around your […]

November ’22 Special Offers!

Keep reading to find out more about our amazing November ’22 Special Offers! For the month of November, x5 of our very popular decorative aggregates will be on special offer with Top Soil continuing it’s amazing offer price into this month too! We also have x2 of our Porcelain Paving’s on special offer this month […]

Polar White

Here at The Cobble Shop we have both 10mm & 20mm Polar White chips available! Polar White is an eye-catching chip which reveals it’s marble properties and will sparkle in the sunlight after a soak. The white chippings will create a vivid contrast against a lawn, a border, topping up flower beds, pathways and even […]

Shannon Block Paving

Shannon Block Paving offers a contemporary design with an ultra-smooth surface, making it the ideal paving product if you want an area for the kids play on. It’s the perfect surface for bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and any wheeled toys. Plus it comes in a range of vibrant, long lasting colours. The close fitting joints and […]

Tegula Block Paving

Tegula Block Paving

Our stunning vintage-style Tegula Block Paving range of paving evokes timeless sophistication and elegance. The tumbled effect of Tegula Block Paving gives the stones an antique appearance, offering the perfect balance of old and new, with the warmth of an aged product paired with our modern world class technology. These rich and textured stones will […]

Maura & Clocha Block Paving

Both Maura & Clocha Block Paving are made by the same company who provide us with the popular Lewis Block Paving which you can read about here – You can read more about both the Maura & Clocha Block Paving range here… Maura Block Paving The Maura block paving surface makes it ideal for children’s […]

Brookstone Paving

Have you seen our new and very popular Brookstone Paving? Sold in a 10.8 m2 patio pack, this lovely paving provides a unique vintage style to any outdoor area. The look and durability of this paving makes it an ideal addition to a family home! What Colours Of Brookstone Paving Are Available? We have 3 […]

Lewis Block Paving

Lewis Block Paving Lewis Block Paving is one of our most popular paving options due to the laying patterns which create fantastic driveways or patio areas! This block paving is a great choice if you are looking to create a simple, yet distinctive pattern on your driveway or on an area in the garden. The […]

Tobermore Kerbstones

Our Tobermore Kerbstones are the perfect kerb edging system for projects that have been designed with timeless style and character in mind as it undergoes a tumbling manufacturing process which produces a warm aged finish! With all the sides of the product finished, the Tobermore Kerbstones are a hugely versatile product as it can be […]

Building Materials & Aggregates

Did you know we stock a wide range of Building Materials & Aggregates suitable for an array of projects?! Keep reading to find out more about which Building Materials & Aggregates you can get from The Cobble Shop… What Building Materials & Aggregates Do We Stock? We stock a large range of products here at […]

Grass Seed

Grass Seed                               You asked and we listened!… We had lots of customers asking us if we stocked Grass Seed so we decided to introduce it as a new product here at The Cobble Shop! Our Range of Grass Seed Available […]

In-Store Collection Offers

In-Store Collection Offers As part of our “extra-special” August offers, we have decided to run a huge special on our small bags!! These fantastic offers are part of our In-Store Collection Offers! With a selection of 20 chips, slates and pebbles to choose from, we’re sure there is something for everyone’s garden! What’s on offer? […]

Thassos White Pebbles

Thassos White Pebbles Our Thassos White Pebbles are produced from the finest white Greek marble. They are white in colour with a slightly shimmering effect. The white cobbles create a vivid contrast against any coloured aggregate to create an impressive contemporary look. Our Thassos White Pebbles are produced from the finest white Greek marble. They […]

Thassos White 20mm Chips

Thassos White 20mm Chips Our Thassos White 20mm chips are produced from the finest white Greek marble. This stone is white in colour with a slightly shimmering effect. This stone will create a vivid contrast against any coloured aggregate to create an impressive contemporary look. Our Thassos White 20mm is produced from the finest white […]

Propave grout

Porcelain Grout

ProPave Porcelain Grout UltraTile ProPave Grout is a high specification, decorative, brush-in external porcelain tile grout / jointing solution which is suitable for use with granite, porcelain and other premium quality natural stone! This product is available in 3 bespoke colours – Black (may also be referred to as – cosmic black) Grey (may also […]

Our New Tools Section

Tools We were starting to notice that more and more customers were looking for gardening tools, cutting blades, brushes and much more so we decided to add a new “Tools” section to our website! What do we have available in our new tools section? We have everything from small handheld gardening tools to cutting blades […]

Heavy Duty Weed Control

Heavy Duty Weed Control Our Heavy Duty Weed Control fabric is woven underlay for gravel or bark covered drives or paths in the garden. This product is designed to allow water to penetrate the soil whilst suppressing the growth of weeds. It is the perfect landscape fabric for chipping, stones and gravel. Product Information Heavy […]

tubs of easyjoint


EASYJoint EASYJoint is the UK’s top selling paving jointing compound, favoured by professionals and DIY installers all around the world. This product was first developed in 2009 and has now evolved to meet user demands and keep up with the latest trends in the industry. The EASYJoint family now has 8 products within the range. This […]

RoundUp Weed Killers

RoundUp Weed Killers Do you have some unsightly weeds that you’d like to get rid of easily? Here at The Cobble Shop we have just the solution! We have a large selection of RoundUp Weed Killers to choose from ranging from handy 100ml click-dispenser applicators to a 5 litre pressure sprayer to stop those weeds […]

De-Icing Salt from The Cobble Shop

De-Icing Salt To make things easier and safer for everyone this winter, we will be supplying de-icing salt, which is highly effective at clearing paths, steps, driveways and pavements of ice. The salt works quickly and will prevent any nasty falls. We recommend spreading some the in the evening time to ensure no ice is […]