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White De-Icing Salt

Here at The Cobble Shop we have lots of our handy sized bags of White De-Icing Salt available to help you melt the ice and snow, no doubt getting you out of some sticky situations!

Why use our White De-Icing Salt?

Salt causes a phenomenon called “freezing point depression”, which means salt lowers the freezing point of water so this prevents ice from forming.

De-Icing salt is best used before the ice has a chance to form. The salt will work when the ground is already frozen but it is definitely best to spread it before it has the chance!

Facts about our salt!

Our de-icing salt:

  • Conforms to BS3247:2011, the British Standard for de-icing salt.
  • Marine salt harvested from sustainable sources around the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Almost 100% pure sodium chloride meaning every particle plays a part in the de-icing process making it an efficient Winter salt at battling ice and snow.
  • White salt does not leave behind the same messy residue as traditional brown salt (grit).
  • Perfect for pathways, pavements, playgrounds, and commercial estate where cleanliness is important.
  • Is screened and has graded particle sizes for even distribution, which increases pedestrian safety and the working life of the equipment.
  • Free flowing and is ideal for use in spreaders or by hand.

Quantities available

Our salt is available in handy sized 25kg* bags!

You can purchase these bags individually or by the pallet which is x49 bags.

Price breakdown –

x1 bag = £6.99 (this is a collection price)

x4 bags = £20.00 (this is a collection offer)

x1 pallet (x49 bags) = £235.20 (works out at £4.80 per bag)

If you require delivery, this could be organised at cost. 

Relevant Information

You can buy our bags of salt here –

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