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Winter Essentials from The Cobble Shop

Winter Essentials from The Cobble Shop

Crisp mornings, dark evenings, hazardous pavements and the flashing amber lights of gritters illuminating the streets; There’s no doubt about it: winter is here. Luckily, The Cobble Shop in Ayrshire has everything you need to survive the winter. From snow shovels and sledges to coal and wooden logs for the fire, we have you covered for the rough Scottish winter ahead.

This season comes with all manner of aches, pains and annoyances that can quite easily get you down and have you pining for warmer days. We imagine you’ve already had to go through the trouble of getting out of bed 15 minutes early to scrape the ice off your car’s windscreen. We’ve seen plenty of people standing in their dressing gowns attempting the task with an old credit card. Personally, we prefer to use de-icer and a fit-for-purpose scraper!

De-Icing Salt

To make things easier and safer for everyone this winter, we will be supplying de-icing salt, which is highly effective at clearing paths, steps, driveways and pavements of ice. The salt works quickly and will prevent any nasty falls. We recommend spreading some the in the evening time to ensure no ice is able to form through the night.

Our de-icing salt is available at the unbeatable price of £5.99 per bag and we will also be running a 4 for £20 promotion throughout winter. It can be a very dangerous time of year for people to get around, especially elderly people; it’s important we do all we can to help prevent accidents. We can also supply full pallets of de-icing salt for industrial or commercial use. Get in touch with us for more information.

We will be making great use of our favourite toy this winter to help us bag up all that salt: our on-site bagging plant. This state-of-the-art machinery has revolutionised our ability to bag and supply products for our customers.

Fun in the Snow

Winter doesn’t have to be all bad though, just look at your kids’ faces when a blizzard rolls through and earns them a day off school! For those epic snow days with the kids, you’re going to want a good sledge. We’ve made sure to pack ours with a few extra horse-power to make sure you beat all the other families on the hill!

Cosy by the Fire

One thing we can all agree upon during the winter is sitting by the fire, possibly with a hot chocolate or a glass of wine to hand. There’s truly nothing better after a freezing cold day at work, either on-site or crowding around the office’s only heater. The Cobble Shop have a ready supply of fuel for those cosy winter nights by the side of the fire. We have plenty of logs, kindling and coal to see you remain nice and toasty right through until March.

The Cobble Shop’s Winter essentials are available in-store at our Stewarton showroom. Please contact us if you have any questions.