Upside Down Marking Paint



Upside Down Marking Paint

Plastikote Upside Down Marking Paint is a versatile hardwearing paint system designed for use in factories, car parks, building sites and sports fields. Designed with a unique squeeze cap that gives a tight spray pattern, it minimises overspray that can in turn give more marking feet per can.

Features & Benefits

  • PlastiKote Upside Down Marking paint is a versatile hard-wearing paint system designed for use in factories, car parks, building sites and sports fields.
  • One coat coverage
  • Will not wash off and will resist weathering
  • Spray application
  • Touch dry in 30-40 minutes and thoroughly dry over 24 hours
  • One can covers approximately 4 square meters depending on the thickness of the line

How To Use

Upside Down Marking Paint could be used to mark out an area you are paving or laying gravel on. Have a look at out full range of products –

Use only as directed:

  • Ensure surface is clean and dry.
  • Protect surrounding areas to prevent accidental spray setting in un-wanted areas.
  • Identify an inconspicuous area to test the product ensuring compatibility and adhesion.
  • Shake for approximately 1 minute before use listening for rattle of mixer ball. Repeat this action every 1-2 minutes of use shaking for at least 10 seconds.
  • Hold can 200mm from surface whilst spraying and move can left to right and up and down holding parallel to surface at all times.
  • Several thin coats are always better than one thick/heavy coats.

Available Colours

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • White

1 x 750ml spray can.


This is an extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurised container which may burst if heated. Will cause serious eye irritation. Do not breath spray or mist.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.

Do not pierce or burn even after use.

For further information, please visit Plastikote’s website –

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Red, Yellow, Blue, White