Stanley Fibreglass Claw Hammer



Stanley Fibreglass Claw Hammer

This Stanley Fibreglass Claw Hammer textured, bi-material grip fibreglass handle absorbs shock and reduces vibration. Heat-treated and rim-tempered high-carbon steel head. Ideal for everyday use on light to medium-duty nailing applications.

Stanley Fibreglass Claw Hammer Product Details

Idea for everyday use on light to medium-duty nailing applications. The hammer includes a new and improved overstrike protection feature which protects the shaft of the hammer against impacts for a greater life. The curved claw is ideal for prying and removing nails from wood.

  • Heat treated carbon steel handle
  • Fibreglass ergonomic handle
  • 33mm smooth face
  • shock-absorbent handle
  • Overstrike protection for added durability
  • Curved claw for easy nail removal
  • 20oz head weight

The head of the hammer has been epoxy bonded to ensure it doesn’t separate from the body during normal application. The hammer has been designed with a bi-material handle for increased comfort and anti slip grip.

Relevant Information

Always use appropriate safety equipment when working with hammers and other tools such as correctly fitting safety boots, googles, gloves etc.

Children should not be left unsupervised around this tool as injury is a real possibility. Keep away from pets.

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