Multi-Purpose Compost 60L





  • To use our Multi-Purpose Compost 60L bags, First put on a pair of gloves and rework compost between your hands, so it retains its intended texture. Seedlings/pricking out: Pick out seedlings once they are large enough to handle. Hold seedlings by the leaves to avoid damage and tease out root using a dibber or pencil. Plant seedlings apart to allow for growth. Water regularly until the seeds are ready to be potted on. Potting: Water plant well and allow to drain before potting. Allow enough space to accommodate the roots, remove from pot and plant in container, firming the compost gently around the roots, once fully planted, water well. Taking cuttings: Fill seed tray evenly with compost, firm gently and water, make a sloping cut in the stem of the cutting and remove all bottom leaves, dip the end of the cutting in a hormone rooting powder to encourage rooting, make a hole in the compost with a pencil/dibber, place cutting in the hole and firm compost gently around it, cover the tray with polythene or glass to prevent drying out and place in a warm spot, away from direct sunlight until the cuttings have taken. Hanging baskets: Line the basket and fill with compost. Plant with trailing plants around the outside and upright plants in the middle and water well.

Ask us about our range of weedkillers and nutrients we have available for compost. If you require any information on weedkillers and/or plant nutrients, please refer to –


P.N. If Top Soil is left for long periods of time in the bag in very wet weather it will become water logged and become very hard to work with.

Please cover bags with plastic tarpaulins to keep rain off of them as returns for soil left out in the rain for long periods of time will not be accepted.

We always recommend using a weed control fabric underneath all aggregates to suppress weeds which could cause other potential problems. Follow this link to see all of our weed control fabrics in various sizes with the option of woven and non woven – 


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