Drainage Coil 100mm



Drainage Coil 100mm

Drainage Coil is a corrugated subsoil drainage system that is designed to relive ground water in areas that are at risk of damage due to water saturation.

How To Install Drainage Coil

  1. Dig a trench wider than your pipe at a gradient
  2. Lay a water-permeable landscape fabric in the trench. We recommend using our landscape/weed control fabric –  https://thecobbleshop.co.uk/?product_cat=&post_type=product&s=weed+control
  3. Fill the bottom of the trench with aggregate. We recommend using our Drainage Gravel – https://thecobbleshop.co.uk/?product_cat=&post_type=product&s=drainage+gravel
  4. Lay the Drainage Coil
  5. Place more aggregate into the trench
  6. Cover the entire drain with the remaining fabric
  7. Hide the drain. We recommend using Top Soil – https://thecobbleshop.co.uk/product/top-soil/

Relevant Information

Please be aware that this coil is sold by the LINEAR METER.

£1.70 = 1 linear meter. 

Size – 4″ / 100mm diameter.

Drainage Coil is also sometimes referred to as  –

  • Wavin Coil
  • Land Drain
  • Drainage Pipe
  • Perforated Coil
  • Perforated Drainage Pipe

Please be aware that this is how we suggest laying drainage coil, please adapt these suggestions to suit your own situation.

The Cobble Shop accepts no responsibility if these laying suggestions do not work for yourself. 

Delivery Information

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