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New Solar Range at The Cobble Shop

Climate change is a very real issue. Haven’t you been listening to Leonardo Di Caprio? Well, remember last year when he briefly stopped by Scotland for a conference? He also popped down to Ayrshire and swung by the Cobble Shop to tell us the importance of renewable energy and most importantly: solar lighting!

Adding some solar lighting to your home or garden set up can have both practical and aesthetic benefits. Security is one of the main reasons people have lighting at their home, to help deter any would-be intruders attempting to use the cover of darkness to break into your house.

Aesthetically, you might just need a new garden light for when you or a pet needs to go out into the garden at night. Deck lights, path lights and solar lights are also an excellent way to help improve the look and feel of your garden. Those late outdoor Summer evenings with a glass of wine will be made all the better with some ambiance-enhancing, garden lighting.

The Cobble Shop is bringing in a range of different solar lighting products to help improve the security and charm of our customers’ gardens. There’s a huge and varied range of Solar Powered Lighting options available at The Cobble Shop, with the lights coming in the form of spot lights, mounted wall lights and different shaped decking lights; as well as post lights to help illuminate a path.

Many of the solar lighting fittings come with motion sensors, which act as excellent security deterrents and will save you having to switch lights on and off each time you wish to use them. Alternatively we also have options with automatic timers on them, to help keep your garden lit during the night.

What are the benefits of Solar Powered Lights?

Opting for Solar Powered Lighting has a number of different benefits: for starters, you won’t have to worry about an astronomical electricity bill! Despite not being connected to the mains, these solar lights can run for up to 12 hours!

Other benefits include that they WILL work in Winter, despite some of the myths out there and despite the (unfortunate) fact that Scotland isn’t the most sun-blessed country in the world at the best of times!

Another age-old myth about solar lighting is that the light isn’t powerful, we beg to disagree, and invite you to come and ask in store about the products and see for yourself just how impressive these Solar Lights are!

The Cobble Shop only provides the highest quality, powerful, weather-resistant and stylish solar lighting fittings, and with everything we provide, we guarantee we won’t be beaten on value for money or customer service!

P.s Leo DiCaprio didn’t really visit The Cobble Shop, but he’s welcome to any time… we’ll get the kettle on!

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