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March 2018 Special Offers

With the seemingly relentless ‘Beast from the East’ finally leaving us alone, it’s time to get back to normality here in Scotland. The abundance of falling snow has covered up all of our hard work here at The Cobble Shop. And while a little of the white stuff can make everything quite pretty, we don’t appreciate our gorgeous displays and premium products being completely covered!

So we’ve decided to celebrate the re-emergence of everyone’s gardens from under the blanket of snow and the passing of the storms. Throughout the month of March, we’re offering some great specials on our garden gravels and stones!

We currently have five different kinds of garden chips on offer, ranging in colour and shape. Each stone on offer is a type of angular stone, and is designed to give stylish coverage to driveways, pathways and other landscaping projects. Angular stones are particularly beneficial as they won’t move too much, making them the perfect solution for driveways and pathways.

Choose from our rich red coloured stones or the natural browns of our Highland Toffee chips. Cotter’s Gold stones offer a vibrant mixture of colour, with golds and white stones intermixed to create the effect of similar to that of a beautiful pebble beach on a tropical island.

The Silver-Pink Granite pack offers a traditional granite stone look, interspersed with eye-catching pink stones to add that extra bit of style. Also on offer is the Ben Nevis granite stone chips, which offer a traditional, no-frills granite grey option for your garden.

We’re offering up to almost 30% off of each of these bags of decorative garden stones throughout the entire month of March! This is the perfect opportunity to get to work on your summer landscaping and gardening project, saving you huge amounts of money in the process.

We hope that next time a storm passes over and leaves your garden carpeted with snow, the inevitable thawing and melting will reveal a garden you are excited to see and proud to show off!

To learn more about the monthly offers at The Cobble Shop, give us a call on 01560 485 413 or visit our website and check out our brand new live chat facility. Alternatively, you can pop in for a visit and we’ll be happy to help. We have many of our products on display at The Cobble Shop, giving you the chance to see products in a real life situation, as opposed to just a photo on our website.