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Indian Sandstone

When thinking of India, one thinks of beauty and colour. The majestic Taj Mahal, the vivid colours of Holi Festival, and the rich, bright colours of the nation’s traditional dress. This vibrancy and richness of colour is no longer limited to the people of India though, and the Cobble Shop can now bring it directly into your garden!

By taking advantage of our ethically sourced Indian Sandstone paving slabs, which are mined in the north west region of Rajasthan in India, you can bring some of the rich colour of Indian culture to the UK.

Indian sandstone paving is an excellent way to decorate your garden and looks fantastic. As with any natural stone, no two pieces look exactly alike, which will give your garden a raw feel and a timeless charm.

Use slabs of Indian Sandstone to create areas of your garden to enjoy long summer evenings after a BBQ; or use the edging packs of sandstone to create pleasant effects around the perimeter of the garden. We even have circular Indian stone slabs, giving you the opportunity to use them as stepping stones for walkways, whether it be across the garden or as a path through chips and gravel stones.

There are three distinct colours to choose from: Modak, Raj Green and Raveena. Such a selection gives you the chance to mix and match, in order to create something unique to your garden.

As for sizes, each slab is calibrated to an even thickness to ensure level surfaces, and five mixed sizes are available.

Indian sandstone paving is naturally durable and can easily withstand the rugged British climate. Over time, the stones will show signs of weathering, as all-natural stones do. This is a part of the process of having any type of natural substance in your garden or home; adding to the appeal.

To learn more about Indian Sandstone Paving at The Cobble Shop, give us a call on 01560 485 413 or visit our website and say hello on our brand new live chat facility. Alternatively, you can pop in for a visit and we’ll be happy to help. We have many of our products on display at The Cobble Shop, giving you the chance to see them in a real-life environment, as opposed to in a photograph!