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Clamshell Lorries

The more the merrier, as the old saying goes. Some like to push back against this claim – too many cooks spoil the broth – they’ll argue. But in our line of work, more means better. More staff means more ideas. More products equal more choice of garden aggregates. More space gives way to greater potential. And more additions to our fleet of trucks brings us, and the customer, many benefits.
With the addition of yet another Clamshell lorry to our fleet, our delivery times will be slashed. Not only that, but the amount of garden aggregates we are able to deliver will also go up. Our service continues to become faster, more streamlined and overall better than anyone else out there!
One of our long terms strategies here at the Cobble Shop is to continually reduce our carbon footprint. We do this by sourcing greener garden products and materials and improving our efficiency when it comes to things like deliveries and how we handle waste products.
With this new fleet of Clamshell Lorries, we are meeting our targets in these areas. The new vehicles are much more efficient and also give us the capability to collect and dispose of waste materials with the grab loader crane and 500 litre Clamshell Bucket on the back.
So, as well as delivering your garden aggregate products, we can now remove any waste materials you don’t want or need. This improves our overall service greatly, and leaves you, the customer, free from the burden of having to dispose of your own waste materials and unwanted garden trash.
In this ever greener and eco-friendlier world, we wanted to make sure The Cobble Shop was at the forefront of the fight and on the side of the environment. Each time we add a new lorry, it means we have to do less back and forth journeys to pick up materials, reducing our fuel consumption and once again helping the environment, as well as the customer.
As well as using these awesome machines for ourselves, we want everyone to know that they’re also available for hire, with a driver. So, if you’ve got any kind of garden or industrial project which could benefit from the use of one of our Clamshell Lorries, give us a call and we can arrange hiring out the vehicles for you.
As with everything here at the Cobble Shop, we like to add our own touch to it. This goes for our Clamshell Lorries too, which you will see decorated in our signature branding! Give our drivers a wave when you see us out and about!
If you’d like to know more about our services, products or to enquire about hiring a clamshell lorry, please call 01560 485413 or email