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April Offers

It’s April, and it feels like it should be a touch more ‘Spring-like’, doesn’t it? We’re all still cooped up like freezing cold chickens in the office, praying for the sun to finally break through and give us some warmth. At least there’s no more snow though, always look on the bright side!

The latest news from Cobble Shop HQ is that we’ve added an extra range to the already excellent line up of available offers. Just as we had last month, we’re offering some great specials on our garden gravels and stones!

This month though, we’ve added the 20mm Polar White range into the mix!

This stunning white angular marble stone comes all the way from Spain and is the ultimate eye-catching aggregate for a striking modern finish. The clean white colour gives a light, bright and clean look, perfect for a contemporary garden setting.

One handy tip for using the Polar White stones is that they work excellently in small areas. Using it as a highlight stone is a great way to add character to your garden. In terms of contrasting, this stone works better than most, and looks fantastic with slate rockery and against any other coloured aggregates.

As well as this new addition, we still have five other kinds of garden stones on offer. Each stone on offer is a type of angular stone, and is designed to give stylish coverage to driveways, pathways and other landscaping projects. Angular stones are particularly beneficial as they won’t move too much, making them the perfect solution for driveways and pathways.

Other such stones on offer are Cotter’s Gold stones – which offer a vibrant mixture of colour, with golds and white stones intermixed to create the effect of similar to that of a beautiful pebble beach on a tropical island.

Rich red coloured stones and the natural browns of our Highland Toffee chips are great for creating a natural, timeless look. The Silver-Pink Granite pack offers a traditional granite stone look, interspersed with eye-catching pink stones to add that extra bit of style. Also on offer is the Ben Nevis granite stone chips, which offer a traditional, no-frills granite grey option for your garden.

With almost 30% off of each of these bags of decorative garden stones, this is the perfect opportunity to get to work on your summer landscaping and gardening project, saving you enormous amounts of money in the process.

To learn more about the monthly offers at The Cobble Shop, give us a call on 01560 485 413 or visit our website and check out our brand new live chat facility. Alternatively, you can pop in for a visit and we’ll be happy to help. We have many of our products on display at The Cobble Shop, giving you the chance to see each in a real-life environment, as opposed to on a photograph.