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March 2018 Special Offers

With the seemingly relentless ‘Beast from the East’ finally leaving us alone, it’s time to get back to normality here in Scotland. The abundance of falling snow has covered up all of our hard work here at The Cobble Shop. And while a little of the white stuff can make everything quite pretty, we don’t appreciate our gorgeous displays and premium products being completely covered!

So we’ve decided to celebrate the re-emergence of everyone’s gardens from under the blanket of snow and the passing of the storms. Throughout the month of March, we’re offering some great specials on our garden gravels and stones!

We currently have five different kinds of garden chips on offer, ranging in colour and shape. Each stone on offer is a type of angular stone, and is designed to give stylish coverage to driveways, pathways and other landscaping projects. Angular stones are particularly beneficial as they won’t move too much, making them the perfect solution for driveways and pathways.

Choose from our rich red coloured stones or the natural browns of our Highland Toffee chips. Cotter’s Gold stones offer a vibrant mixture of colour, with golds and white stones intermixed to create the effect of similar to that of a beautiful pebble beach on a tropical island.

The Silver-Pink Granite pack offers a traditional granite stone look, interspersed with eye-catching pink stones to add that extra bit of style. Also on offer is the Ben Nevis granite stone chips, which offer a traditional, no-frills granite grey option for your garden.

We’re offering up to almost 30% off of each of these bags of decorative garden stones throughout the entire month of March! This is the perfect opportunity to get to work on your summer landscaping and gardening project, saving you huge amounts of money in the process.

We hope that next time a storm passes over and leaves your garden carpeted with snow, the inevitable thawing and melting will reveal a garden you are excited to see and proud to show off!

To learn more about the monthly offers at The Cobble Shop, give us a call on 01560 485 413 or visit our website and check out our brand new live chat facility. Alternatively, you can pop in for a visit and we’ll be happy to help. We have many of our products on display at The Cobble Shop, giving you the chance to see products in a real life situation, as opposed to just a photo on our website.

What’s the Story with Tobermore?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Sorry, I had to do that. The only thing Tobermore has in common with the popular Scottish kids’ TV show is its vibrant range of colours, but more on that later. Tobermore Paving is one of our most exciting new products. Capable of creating stunning sections of walling, paving, edging and steps in your garden. Here’s why you should consider Tobermore products before you begin your next garden project!

The Concrete Paving Experts

Tobermore was established in 1942 and have more than 75 years of experience within a family owned business. All of this knowledge and experience has transformed them into the very best in the industry, remaining true to their core principle of sustainability and producing high quality building supplies. Each and every one of their products is manufactured in the United Kingdom, using materials sourced largely from their own quarry.

Eco Friendly Paving

It’s very important to remain environmentally aware nowadays. This is something we at The Cobble Shop place great importance on when it comes to the products we choose to sell, the machinery we choose to operate and the delivery trucks we choose to drive.

Tobermore find this type of thing important too, offering a range of eco-products which make use of a lot of recycled content. Despite the environmental benefits, Tobermore’s Eco Paving & Walling loses none of the aesthetic benefits or physical performance of their non-eco ranges.  Style is not compromised with this environmentally-friendly range.

Tobermore has even developed an active concrete paving system for commercial projects that improves air quality. The AirClean system works by using natural daylight and nano technology to oxidise Nitrogen Dioxide in the atmosphere and transforming it into harmless nitrates. The revolutionary technology reduces the levels of air pollution in urban environments.

When opting for Tobermore, you’re certainly doing your bit for mother nature!

Huge Selection of Paving and Walling Options

When it comes to selection and choice, Tobermore stands out from the pack. The perfect solution for everyone, including DIY enthusiasts, who can choose from a myriad of options for garden projects.

Tobermore’s products selection includes: Block paving, permeable paving, kerbs edging & channels, retaining walls and steps. Each of these products comes in an immense variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colours, giving you complete freedom over the look and feel of your garden.

Whether you’re interested in new paving slabs for a garden or driveway, some neat new garding edging or some stylish new steps, Tobermore has the product for you.

Head to The Cobble Shop’s website to browse the Tobermore range, and for some garden inspiration. If you’d like to learn more about the range, give us a call on 01560 485413 or head to our website and take advantage of our brand new live chat feature.

Win £150 Voucher to spend at The Cobble Shop

How would you like to be in with a chance of winning £150 to spend in The Cobble Shop? That’s a whole £150 that could be spent on giving your garden the makeover it deserves, using any one of the many incredible ranges of products we have on offer in our Stewarton showroom or online!

This voucher can be spent on absolutely anything. Choose from our unbeatable array of garden features, garden furniture, paving, timber, gravel, pebbles, artificial grass, gazebos, lighting features and so much more. The choice is limitless here at The Cobble Shop. No matter your dream garden, we have the materials to make it happen!

With the clocks about to switch to British Summer Time, It’s the right time to start preparing for the summer months and spending more time in the garden. A great way to do this is by checking out our new Solar Ranges of lighting; absolutely perfect for those garden parties that carry on after dark!

Or maybe you need some new furniture for all of the BBQ guests you expect to be hosting throughout the long, lovely and abundant (we wish!) days of Scottish Summer? This prize would be an excellent way to pick up the kinds of items that will make your garden the place to be this summer!

Alternatively, if you’ve been thinking about undergoing some bigger work in your garden, or buying some larger items such as sheds, gazeboes or summer houses, winning this competition would be an excellent way to cut down on the costs!

How do I enter?

It couldn’t be more simple to enter! All you have to do is post a photo to Facebook – making sure to tag The Cobble Shop – to showcase the items you have purchased from The Cobble Shop. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve only bought a few items or if you’ve given your garden a complete renovation using our products: we want to see how you have improved your garden using The Cobble Shop!
Each picture will be entered into the draw and a winner will be selected at random. So make sure to send in your photos, because no matter whether you’ve only undertaken a small DIY project or something much larger, you have an equal chance of winning!
Once the winner has been chosen, they’ll be contacted and informed they’ve won Makeover Of The Month and receive £150 to play with at The Cobble Shop!

Best of luck to everyone who enters!

New Solar Range at The Cobble Shop

Climate change is a very real issue. Haven’t you been listening to Leonardo Di Caprio? Well, remember last year when he briefly stopped by Scotland for a conference? He also popped down to Ayrshire and swung by the Cobble Shop to tell us the importance of renewable energy and most importantly: solar lighting!

Adding some solar lighting to your home or garden set up can have both practical and aesthetic benefits. Security is one of the main reasons people have lighting at their home, to help deter any would-be intruders attempting to use the cover of darkness to break into your house.

Aesthetically, you might just need a new garden light for when you or a pet needs to go out into the garden at night. Deck lights, path lights and solar lights are also an excellent way to help improve the look and feel of your garden. Those late outdoor Summer evenings with a glass of wine will be made all the better with some ambiance-enhancing, garden lighting.

The Cobble Shop is bringing in a range of different solar lighting products to help improve the security and charm of our customers’ gardens. There’s a huge and varied range of Solar Powered Lighting options available at The Cobble Shop, with the lights coming in the form of spot lights, mounted wall lights and different shaped decking lights; as well as post lights to help illuminate a path.

Many of the solar lighting fittings come with motion sensors, which act as excellent security deterrents and will save you having to switch lights on and off each time you wish to use them. Alternatively we also have options with automatic timers on them, to help keep your garden lit during the night.

What are the benefits of Solar Powered Lights?

Opting for Solar Powered Lighting has a number of different benefits: for starters, you won’t have to worry about an astronomical electricity bill! Despite not being connected to the mains, these solar lights can run for up to 12 hours!

Other benefits include that they WILL work in Winter, despite some of the myths out there and despite the (unfortunate) fact that Scotland isn’t the most sun-blessed country in the world at the best of times!

Another age-old myth about solar lighting is that the light isn’t powerful, we beg to disagree, and invite you to come and ask in store about the products and see for yourself just how impressive these Solar Lights are!

The Cobble Shop only provides the highest quality, powerful, weather-resistant and stylish solar lighting fittings, and with everything we provide, we guarantee we won’t be beaten on value for money or customer service!

P.s Leo DiCaprio didn’t really visit The Cobble Shop, but he’s welcome to any time… we’ll get the kettle on!

For more of what’s going on at The Cobble Shop, like us on Facebook


Free Delivery in Paisley

Earlier this month it was announced that Paisley would be putting forth a bid for the prestigious title of City of Culture for 2021. Are you in Paisley? Can you look into the garden and honestly say your old garden furniture or weathered garden ornaments are worthy of being part of the City of Culture?

If not, then The Cobble Shop can help bring it up to standard! This bid attempt is huge news for Paisley, and the it’s even been backed by Hollywood superstar and Paisley native Gerard Butler.

The Cobble Shop would like to throw our equally weighty support behind Paisley’s bid, which is designed to use culture “as a catalyst for economic and social regeneration and raise the profile of arts and creativity” in the city.

As creatives ourselves down here at The Cobble Shop, we can think of no better way to improve the general feel and character of an location than by making the most of each and every garden in the city and surrounding areas!

So, to help the good people of Paisley do this, we are offering FREE DELIVERY on our entire range of garden aggregates, ornaments, and decorative materials to everyone in Paisley!

The Cobble Shop want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to do their bit for Paisley’s bid to be named City of Culture and giving your garden a face lift will do just that.

The Cobble Shop provide all kinds of decorative garden ornaments and furniture; garden aggregates such as decorative cobbles, stones, slabs, paving, fences, chips and artificial grass. We also provide a vast array of building materials such as cement, ballast, blocks gravel and timber.

With the selection of products and materials we provide, what you wish to do with your garden is limited only by your own imagination. Our experts can help to advise you and use their knowledge to help guide your ideas, developing your dream garden and making it a reality.

And if you’re the type of person who isn’t interested in all of the fuss and fan-fare around Paisley’s City of Culture bid… we’ll be happy to help you build a big fence to block out all of the chatter surrounding the bid!

Our reputation for offering a helpful and friendly customer service experience has been built up over many years of hard work and tireless dedication. It is something we are extremely proud of and we are excited to bring it to the people of Paisley too.

So if you are from Paisley and are interested in giving your garden an upgrade and want to know what The Cobble Shop can do for you, check out the rest of the site or give us a call on 01560 485 413 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Free Delivery in East Kilbride

Just like last year, this year is going to be a BIG year for The Cobble Shop. It may only be early in 2017 but we’re thinking of the future and how we can better ourselves and deliver our services and products further afield.

One of our most recent developments at The Cobble Shop was the addition of East Kilbride to our list of locations to benefit from free delivery! This means the good people of East Kilbride will now get free delivery on our huge range of decorative garden aggregates and building materials.

That’s right! If you live in East Kilbride and your garden needs a touch up, perhaps some new stone paving, some furniture for all those summer parties to plan to throw, or even just a few decorative garden ornaments and features to liven it up, you can get free delivery on ALL of our fantastic products at The Cobble Shop!

As always, we strive to improve our service, expand our reach and deliver higher quality goods to our treasured customers. Each year, we’ve managed to smash our own personal targets, allowing us to deliver better value and an even more informed and expert service to our customers.

Over the many years we’ve been operating in Stewarton, we’ve gone from strength to strength and thanks to our wonderful customers and the amazing people in the local community, we really do believe the sky is the limit for The Cobble Shop!

Our ever-widening vision is pushing us to aim further, looking to reach more people and take our range of garden aggregates and building materials to new audiences. Beforehand, The Cobble Shop offered free delivery to anyone in Ayrshire, Paisley and Glasgow, but we wanted to go one step further and expanded our free delivery service to East Kilbride too.

What can the people of East Kilbride expect from The Cobble Shop?

Same great products

At The Cobble Shop, we can turn your dream garden a reality.

Whatever you’re looking for, The Cobble Shop has it! We can’t be beaten in terms of the variety of products we offer.

For your garden, we have just about anything you could ever need, whether it’s artificial grass, stepping stones, porcelain paving (check out our recent blog for more), garden ornaments or furniture, soil or compost – The Cobble Shop has it all.

In addition to that, we also stock a large selection of building materials, such as sand, concrete, drainage gravel and timber. Our vast and varied array of products are all listed on our website.

Same great customer service experience

The people of East Kilbride can also expect the same top-quality customer service experience we have been delivering to the people of Ayrshire and Glasgow!

Our reputation for offering a helpful and friendly customer service experience precedes us and has been built up over many years of hard work and tireless dedication. It is something we are extremely proud of and we are excited to bring it to the people of East Kilbride.

So if you’re from East Kilbride and want to know what The Cobble Shop can do for you, check out the rest of the site or give us a call on 01560 485 413 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

For more of what’s going on at The Cobble Shop, like us on Facebook


Porcelain Paving Gaining Popularity in Scotland

Keeping up with trends is tough. Whether it be with fashion, music, the arts, or even design and decor. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you which colour T-shirt you should be wearing this season – although this being Ayrshire we’d recommend something warm! – but we do know a thing or two about the latest goings on in the world of gardening and landscaping!
One such product currently soaring in popularity in Scotland is porcelain. Having been popular down south for a little while, the demand for porcelain paving, slabs and tiles has been making its way north of the border and quickly gaining popularity in Scotland – especially around the Glasgow area.

So why this sudden surge in interest? And what makes it a better option than natural stone, concrete or ceramic? Let’s have a look…
What are the benefits of porcelain paving?


Who wants to spend their weekends treating tiles and worrying about algae or moss forming? Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Thankfully with porcelain paving this isn’t an issue. It’s resistant to stains and its incredibly low porosity (<0.1%) level means you needn’t worry about any of the problems that can arise from the absorption of moisture.


Porcelain is highly resistant to just about anything, from the weather (including sunlight – for the lovers of black finishes) to chemicals such as oils, plant fertilizers, salts and even acids. General wear and tear certainly won’t be an issue when you opt for porcelain in the garden.

Variety and Look

As well as the hard-wearing nature of porcelain, it also comes in a multitude of different styles. The variety of porcelain slabs is virtually limitless and you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to making your decision. A porcelain finish will also give a much more sophisticated feel to an area, something that other materials can’t match.


Porcelain at The Cobble Shop

We pride ourselves on making sure we do everything we can to aid our customers, so we set up a porcelain paving demo area at The Cobble Shop in Stewarton! This gives you the opportunity to see for yourself what porcelain paving looks and feels like when it’s actually laid. It’s one thing to see photos of porcelain paving online, but experiencing it in a purpose-built display area helps you to better appreciate the true quality and feel of a porcelain installation.

At The Cobble Shop, we know everything there is to know and more about porcelain. So if you’re thinking about porcelain paving for your garden or work premises, come to the experts. No one can match us on knowledge, experience or value for money. We’re also pretty sure no one can beat the customer service experience you will receive from our helpful and friendly staff!

And just as with all our other products, we offer free delivery in Ayrshire, Glasgow, East Kilbride and Paisley! So pop down, check out demo area and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Reclaimed Granite Cobbles at The Cobble Shop`

We currently have a large of stock of these fantastic reclaimed granite cobbles.

The average size is approx. 150x150x300mm and average weight 16-18kg.

These are fantastic and can be used as paving, edging, walling and much more, thy are very versatile and virtually indestructible.

These can be sold by the bulk bag or in loose loads. For loose loads please call 01560 485413.



Standing Stones and Monoliths to Buy Online at The Cobble Shop


We are currently arranging and cataloguing our stock of rare Turkish stones to make them available to view and purchase online.

Many of these are drilled ready to be used in a water feature and all have flat sawn bottoms making them easy to place and install.

They will be available online very soon and can be shipped anywhere in the uk.

All local deliveries around Ayrshire and Glasgow will be delivered for free and where possible we will use our hi-ab lorry to assist with the placement.

Black Ice Chippings In Stock Now at The Cobble Shop

We have added another very special stone to our aggregate stock called Black Ice. It is a mixture of Black Basalt and Blue/White Marble.

Available in Bulk Bags, 25kg Bags or Bulk Loose Loads. All with Free delivery across Ayrshire, Glasgow, East Kilbride and Paisley.

Flamingo Chippings 20mm Now in Stock at The Cobble Shop

We are delighted to be stocking this fabulous imported Flamingo 20mm gravel.

It is a beautiful blend of Whites, Pinks, Oranges and Greys.

We have it on display and it is going down a storm with our customers and of course we will deliver it for free all across Ayrshire, Glasgow, East Kilbride and Paisley.


Artificial Grass in Ayrshire

We are now Ayrshire’s largest stockist of artificial lawns.
We carry large stocks of 2m and 4m widths as well as jointing tape, adhesives and everything else you need to create a wonderful year round lawn.

Firewood, Logs, Kindling and Coal available in Ayrshire

With winter fast approaching remember that The Cobble Shop now stocks winter fuel and de-icing salt.
Our peacock salt is white and therefore very clean to use.
We also stock firewood logs in small nets as well bulk bags.
To get your fire going we have kindling and firelighters all competitively priced and in stock now.Coal-_-fire_2404398b265851-Traditional-House-Coal-10kgkindling

Easy Joint now available online and instore at The Cobble Shop Ayrshire

Now available online and in our Ayrshire store.
EASYJoint is the ORIGINAL “All weather” environmentally friendly (contains no cement or resins) paving joint compound which delivers brilliant results & big savings in labour costs for professional hard landscapers & paving contractors.

Developed specifically for use with both natural stone & concrete paving applications, EASYJoint is fast & easy to apply in wet or dry conditions & when brushed and washed in, leaves no voids – every nook & cranny is filled.

Proven over several years throughout Northern Europe in the harshest of weather conditions, EASYJoint creates a strong long-lasting joint with minimal effort.

Peacock De-Icing Salt available at The Cobble Shop Ayrshire

We are now getting geared up for Winter her at The Cobble Shop with supplies of the best De-Icing salt on the market.
Peacock salt is an Ayrshire based company that produces ultra white, ultra clean de-icing salt.
Having used most of what is available on the market I know from my own experience that Peacock is the best and the quickest to work on frozen ground.
Please see the winter products section under the Garden Aggregates section of our website.
We also have other products coming very soon, coal, logs, kindling etc.peacock 25

Standing Stones, Water Features and Monoliths

We are currently adding many new products to our fantastic range of standing stones. Many of these are pre-drilled and can be incorporated into a water feature. Keep an eye on our blog and our website as we will be uploading details soon.

Timber Fencing and Decking in Stewarton

Our timber business is growing and already we have had several major fencing and decking projects completed. We have more stock than ever, All fencing posts, slats and rails as well as quality decking, handrails, posts and joists.
We are also bringing in a Cuprinol Timbercare range as well as many other exciting new products in the near future.Stock Pile 1

Buy Artificial Grass in Ayrshire and Online with The Cobble Shop

Our Artificial Grass is available online as well as Jointing Tape, Adhesive and shock pad underlay. Free Delivery throughout Ayrshire, Glasgow South and East Kilbride. Any enquiries outwith these areas please call us on 01560 485413 and we will work out the best transport costs we can.

Extended Kelkay Range at The Cobble Shop – Free Delivery Across Ayrshire

We have further extended our range of Kelkay products. We now stock Daleside Walling, Abbey Circle Kits, Minster Octagon Kits, Timber Stepping Stones, Half Penny Stepping Stones, Compass Stepping Stones, Sunshine Stepping Stone, Random Stepping Stones and an extensive range of Rockery Stones.

daleside complete minster octagon

Standing Stones, Monoliths and Feature Stones Buy Online

We now have a large range of monoliths, feature and standing stones available to buy online.

We have slate, sandstone, purple schist, onyx, laguna rosso, honey stone, Grampian marble, firestone and many more attractive stones that would make a great centre piece in any garden or display.



The Cobble Shop are now supplying quality Timber, Fencing & Decking in Ayrshire

We are excited to announce that we are expanding into timber supply. We feel this is a natural progression for us and we are still very much a garden/landscape supplier.

Stocks of reasonably price high quality timber are arriving daily at our premises in Stewarton, making us a one stop shop for all your garden and landscape needs.

Keep a close eye on our website and facebook page for more announcements coming soon.


We aim to become Ayrshires number 1 supplier of all types of Timber, Decking and Fencing. And of course The Cobble Shop is still offering free delivery on all products.Timber Stock details coming soon.

July Special Offers on Garden Gravel

As it is July and the gardening season is in full swing we have decided to put 3 of or most popular garden stones on promotion.

We have Grampian Marble for £99, Golden Gravel for £90 and 20mm Quartz also at £99. All delivered for free anywhere in Ayrshire, Glasgow South, East Kilbride and surrounding areas.

New Rockery Display at the Cobble Shop

New Rockery Display area at The Cobble Shop. We have Cotswold Rockery, Highland Rockery, Large Plum Slate Rockery as well as many more. Prices start from just £3.50 so please come up and have your pick of the crates.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

New Rockery Stone Display

Looking for Rockery Stone, then look no further we have increased our fabulous range of Rockery stone and we have made our prices even more competitive. Come have a look you will not be disappointed. We have Quartzite, Polar White, Silver Granite, Cotswold, Slate, Plum Slate, Highland Rockery and much, much more…

Artificial Grass In Stock Now

Don’t get caught out buying Artificial Grass unseen online… Come to the Cobble Shop where you can see it touch it, feel it, buy it straight off of the roll and we will deliver it for free.

Buy Easy Joint in Ayrshire

In Stock Now!! Easy Joint. The Original All Weather Paving Jointing Compound. Used by both the trade and DIY enthusiasts this hard wearing easy to use compound can be used in all weathers and could not be simpler to use. Available in Buff Sand, Mushroom or Stone Grey.